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as well as Lots of Downloadable Bonus Self-Publishing Tips & Resources

Along with over a dozen videos by International Bestselling Author & Self-Publishing Coach, D. D. Scott!

If you're not sure whether you want to Self-Publish the Books of Your Heart or Sign with a Traditional Publisher, D. D. will light the path for your decision-making process by sharing 11 Big Reasons to Self-Publish!

After this Self-Study Online Course, you'll be able to make the best decision for you and the books of your heart.

Cheers Hugs and Love and Let's Do This!

Sneak Peek at Bonus Content Included in This Course!

  1. DD's List of Fave On-Writing Books/Teachers/Classes
  2. DD's List of Fave Platforms & Apps to Use to Self-Publish the Books of Your Heart
  3. The Complete List of DD's 11 Big Reasons to Self-Publish (in one downloadable pdf)
  4. DD's MSWord Manuscript Template

DD's Fave On-Writing Books/Teachers/Classes

Downloadable pdf

DD's Fave Platforms & Apps to Use to Self-Publish the Books of Your Heart

Downloadable pdf

DD's MSWord Manuscript Template

MSWord doc

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Would you like to know MY STORY? As in, how is it that I became an International Bestselling Author and then created LetLoveGlow Author Services (and now LetLoveGlow's Self-Publishing Academy) to help as many of you as possible write and publish the books of your hearts?

Here’s the scoop … THE DD SCOTT STORY (Part I)

And if you’re ready to go for your publishing dreams, you're in the right place!

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